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Meet our owner, Gregg Perrah. You probably already know him, because for more than       2 decades he has been involved in your industry,  and for  over 15 years he has been the Owner/Operator of Helping Hands First Aid & CPR and has provided thousands of     First Aid and CPR certification courses to hundreds and hundreds of Administrator / Owners such as yourself. Gregg's other passion is Real Estate! He has been selling real estate since 1998! His experience and expertise in both fields result in unmatched knowledge and inside into your unique needs when buying or selling an RCFE or ARF!   

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Over the last two decades of working in your industry, Gregg has cultivated countless long-term relationships with hundreds of administrators and owners like you. When you work with Gregg you tap into that powerful network!

What does that mean for you?  Utilizing Gregg's established network of buyers and sellers of facilities like yours will make your next purchase or sale faster and easier than you had ever thought.  

He understands your business...

Buying or selling a facility doesn't have to be stressful. Not if you let Gregg do the hard work for you. He understands that your business can't stop just because you are looking to buy or sell. Gregg can meet with you at your facility or off-site nearby to discuss your needs and then go right to work for you.

Gregg takes extreme pride in getting to your his clients, and establishing a solid, long-term relationship. Put Gregg's experience to work for you to make your next transaction a smooth and successful one!  Click here to see what his happy clients are saying about him.

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